"It is a serious challenge and exercise to catch the essence of live music on a picture. It is an exercise that Gaëlle, 23, has been practicing for years now. From local bands in Lyon to bigger bands at Warped Tour, she has never stopped improving her work and managed to find her own signature. Her pictures perfectly depicts the atmosphere at shows, which has given her the chance to be featured in Alternative Press and to become idobi’s accredited photographer in Paris.

Gaëlle is not only a concert photographer but also a photographer who knows how to work with artists and models in order to give great promos and portraits, which she had the opportunity to learn all summer 2012 with Gene Smirnov in Philadelphia.

This ability to photograph live scenes and immobile subjects makes her skillful and easy to work with.

Take your time, look at her pictures. What do you see ?"

Credit : Mariam Bouabid

Credit : Mariam Bouabid


Counterparts / Senses Fail / Capsize in Paris (September 2015).

Featuring clips by Mariam Bouabid and Gaëlle Pitrel.

Edited by Mariam Bouabid.